Yo ya cambie con todos los siguientes coleccionistas y todos los cambios estuvieron muy bien

I have trade with all of the following collectors and all the trades where great

Collector Country Link
Constantin Klezl Austria http://www.airlinesafetycards.net/
Chistian Devos Blegium devosafety@hotmail.com
Itamar Arruda Brazil br.geocities.com/iarrudajr/itamar
Carlos Pessini Brazil http://www.psafetycards.net23.net/aboutme.htm
Joao Neto Brazil http://nenetoscard.co.cc
Roland Tregelia France http://roland.treglia.free.fr
Jan Alexander Germany http://www.safetycards.de/
Maximilian Reimann Germany http://safety-cards.de.tl
Peter Franken Germany peterchen371@yahoo.de
Bas Bonsel Holand bonse110@planet.nl
Marco Papa Italy flycaio@hotmail.it
Laurent Goetz Luxembourg exp_archi@yahoo.fr
Jorge Olvera Mexico www.safetycardsmexico.com
Sergei Novikov Rusia http://safety.mania.ru/

Hola coleccionistas:

Mi pagina sera actualizada cada dos semanas o asi para poder ir a la par con mi coleccion
Hello collectors:

My site will be updated every two weeks or so, so I can be pair to pair with my actual collection
Please visit my trade list and leave a coment in my guest book or contact me in:
2009 Goal: 500 cards
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